Can I connect my DOGAIN E26 A15 RGB Smart Bulbs?

I have several light fixtures that can only fit A15 or G16.5-sized bulbs. I want to install dimmable RGB CCT bulbs but have found only WiFi enabled smart bulbs that are small enough. I purchased Dogain A15 bulbs that I want to dim with a wired switch. I plan to use the app to change colors and manage other settings. In order to get the dimming function to work with a wired switch, I assume I need to connect both the bulb and the switch to Hubitat and create a rule.

How can I connect the Dogain bulb to my Hubitat through wifi? (It uses the Smart Life app.)

Would it help if I bought a Tuya zigbee bridge?

Currently, I have a Treatlife DS01 dimmer installed. Previous threads indicate that integrating this switch into Hubitat is extremely complicated.

Would I be able to use a z wave hardwired smart dimmer switch to control a wifi bulb through Hubitat if I decided to replace the dimmer?

Both may work with the beta Tuya Smart Life cloud driver here but because it is the cloud there would likely be a delay when switching.

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