Can Hubitat be a secondary Controler to ADT Pulse or vice versa

I have an ADT Pulse home automation controller, Can I setup the Hubitat as a secondary controller or vice versa?
I am also looking to change alarm systems, so I am also interested in any other Alarm systems that Hubitat can integrate with?
the specific use cases are
When the Alarm is armed or disarmed the Z-Wave door locks lock, and various lights turn on or off
Thanks for your assistance

Welcome to Hubitat!

You cannot add Hubitat as as a secondary controller to an existing Z-wave network. Here's a post from Bruce (Hubitat staff) that talks about some of the reasons why they have chosen not to allow this:

so is there a way to have my alarm system trigger automations in Hubitat?
Can I make ADT pulse a secondary to the Hubitat?

What about Hub Link or Hub connect that I am reading about in the forum?

Those are apps that work in Groovy. And ADT is a closed system. You can't install user apps on your ADT Pulse system the same way you do with Hubitat.

Could you connect it through IFTTT. Not optimal, but it might give some level of control / status.

I believe that only the Blue by ADT system has an IFTTT channel, not Pulse. Pulse requires professional installation so I don't think you can even pair other devices with it. You have to have an installer do it.

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re Pulse, at least for Z-wave you can add your own devices. even devices that are not "supported"
I bought my Honeywell Z-wave thermostats from Home Depot and added them. but since they are "unsupported" they will not get firmware updates.
I also bought and added a bunch of Leviton Z-Wave light switches and an RSC thermostat, that are supported, that I didn't buy from ADT.
Since they are supported, they will get any firmware updates that ADT gets from the device manufactures

But can you pair other z-wave contact sensors and motion sensors? I thought you had to buy ADT branded sensors for that?

Pulse is a home automation box that connects via a serial port to the ADT security panel.
For the security stuff like contact sensors, and motion sensors which are connected directly to the alarm system that would all be ADT.
But from the Pulse standpoint, you can generally pair almost but not all Z-wave Zigbee devices.
It also supports Wi-Fi but I think that maybe a little more restrictive.
Pulse has been around for quite a while, it's really an extension of the old school Alarm system, with pretty tight integration to it., They have not really updated the official device list in quite a while and I think its functionality is probably 5 years behind Hubitat.
It is also the Alarm panel's connection to the wired home network, and then out to the internet.

It lets me do things like, When I leave the house and I set the alarm system to ARM away, lit delays 12 min, and locks all my doors, turns on some of my outside lights and turns off all my indoor lights.
Then after 30 min it turns off the outside lights.
When I get home I can disarm the Alarm and unlock my door from my phone, and when the Alarm is disarmed, it turns on the outside lights.
Pretty much all my automation so far is tied to triggers from the Alarm panel.
FYI all my motion sensors, and contacts are wired so they can not be Jammed.
They have a new system they came out with this year, called "Command" that is more focused on wireless devices, and competing with, and Simply safe.
ADT has a new alarm system they came out with this year that is more focused on

I saw no mention of Zigbee on the Pulse website. So, that's new to me.

All great information...but not very useful if you can't integrate with HE.

yep. Thanks for the info, on to more research.

Your documentation implies, to me at least, that the Habitat hub can now be added as a secondary hub:

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I agree that the C-7 (and C-7 model ONLY) zwave documentation seems to indicate that. I haven't tried that, or explored if that works as expected though.

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At one point Hubitat was, I would go as far as say, hostile, towards secondary hubs. If this has changed? That would be a positive thing.
I don't think anyone expects it to work beyond what the z-wave standards says it should, but having just that work would make most happy.
It certainly would make adoption for those folks already owning hubs, whether yours or other company's a lot simpler.

I dont think they have a whole lot of choice if they want to get zwave certification... But I could be wrong, as I never claimed to be a certification expert.

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Yup - many of the changes in the C7 are definitely geared toward z-wave certification.

I'm trying to add my new C7 into my network as Secondary to a Qolsys IQ2 Plus panel (IQ2 does not support being the secondary controller.)

However, when I put C7 into learn mode, the IQ2 starts to recognize the node then times out. It does not allow me to add the DSK.

Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong?

Or, does anyone know of a good hub for secondary that fully integrates with Google home?

Any luck integrating the C7 hubitat with your IQ panel? I'm looking for the same thing. Want to be able to use Google home without having to go thru Alarmdotcom