Can hub_mesh "OFFLINE - " devices be removed?

I have removed the link to some of my meshed devices. On the other hub, I get the expected disabled "OFFLINE - " devices.

Some of those devices I know I will no longer need. In some cases, the original device is no longer on the source hub.

  1. Is there a way to automatically have those devices removed?
  2. Is there any harm to manually deleting them? (Will I be able to before they become disabled again...?)

No, there are use cases when device is temporarily removed from hub mesh and rejoined later.

There's no harm. Deleting them manually is the way to go whether device is disabled or enabled. It's just another device as far as hub is concerned.

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Totally agree! It's too bad there isn't a way to have them not appear in the drop down lists... (Feature request? :wink: )


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