Can HE receive email? HTTP?

Not send, I see that HE can do both, is it possible for HE to receive an email? Or an HTTP request?

I do not care if it can process the content, just that it identify where it came from.


You could use the built-in maker API to expose a virtual switch so you can send an HTTP request to turn that switch on or off then do something based on that on the Hubitat side.

You can also use an http request to trigger a rule maker action: that's one of the trigger options.

This is one way to use the HTTP

(for an easy example)

Http, yes. As others have said. Email - you can neither send nor receive.

Awesome, these give me what I need.
My plan is to write a server based program that can pretend to be a smtp server and emit http when it gets one. The email will be coming from my local amcrest cameras and the http will of course be to HE.

I have a couple linux systems I can set the server up on. I am leaning towards a node server but I can run anything.

I will post when I get something working.