Can HE "heal" zigbee mesh?

During my migration I absorbed a rather critical piece of info about Osram bulbs too late. Now I have about 10 Osram bulbs acting as parents for my battery devices and thusly have some flaky repetition due to the hardware limitations. I read on the ST forum that it might be possible to unscrew all the bulbs and allow the zigbee mesh to rebuild itself overnight using the remaining reliable repeaters. This would make those repeaters the new parents. Then in the morning screw the bulbs back in. Does this apply to HE also?

If you unscrew the bulbs, then shut down your hub for 15-20 mins, when the hub comes back online it should run a zigbee heal.

You should still prob leave the bulbs unscrewed overnight before adding them back into the mesh.


As far as the zigbee battery devices go, all you need to do is power down all the osrams, then do a battery pull on each sensor.
The battery devices will search for a new parent, and with the osrams offline they should pick something else.


Awesomesausage. I'm planning to add a pocket socket zigbee repeater so I'll wait until that's in place first.

Am I correct in understanding we can't do OTA firmware upgrades yet?

Correct no ota

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