Can anyone see why this would not be working?

I have been struggling for months to get lighting in our office to work correctly. I've tried RM, Motion lighting and Room lighting. I finally gave up and figured I would try just a basic motion on, off after 15 minutes in motion lighting . Even that doesn't work . Here is the CURRENT rule

What I would LIKE to do is lights turn on with motion, off after 10 minutes all the time EXCEPT Monday - Friday between 0700 and 1530, then I just want the lights to stay on. The rest of the time, and on weekends, motion is fine. For a while I had something closed in RM, but that required 3 rules. I guess I could go back to that, but it seems there should be a better way. Now that I cant even seem to get a basic motion rule to works, i question if I could get my RM rules redone so they actually work. Does anyone have any suggestion for EIther of these? Thanks !

Go back to Room Lights. If it doesn't work as expected, post the logs for the app.

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This can be done in one RM rule

Trigger Events:
Motion active

Actions to Run:
On: Lamp
IF (Day between Mon - Fri AND Time between 0700 and 1520) THEN
    Wait for event: certain time: 1520
Wait for expression:  Motion inactive and stays the way 0:10:00
Off: Lamp

Notice that I selected 1520 for the end time of the IF-THEN so that the light will turn off at 1530 if motion is inactive.


Ok tryin this in Room Lights again. Im kind of working of a template that was sent to me previously. Here is the rule I have set up so far:

Now just waiting on logs.

And here are the logs since i set the rule up yesterday,, After setting the rule up , the lights stayed on until 1530 then shut off as intended, but did not turn on with motion. Today they lights DID NOT turn on at 0700 as intended, nor turn on with motion.


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