Can anyone recommend an add-on water shutoff actuator?

I've yet to look around. I recall seeing them in the past, but that they looked flimsy.

I'm looking to put them on a couple of hose bibs. I just don't trust the constantly pressurized plastic timers I have to not break and spew endless gallons of water right next to the house.

Can anyone out there recommend a retrofit valve actuator?


I'm answering my own question:

The Zooz Titan seems pretty substantial.

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I have a couple Zooz Titans (one on main shutoff, one on water heater) -- they are a burly design and work well. They come with an (optional) wired leak sensor and can be programmed to do a routine self-test.


I have a Dome Z-Wave Plus Water Main Shut-off Valve Controller DMWV1. I have no complaints with it but I'm not seeing them in stock right now.


For completeness, there’s also the Econet Bulldog:


Sounds like a winner. I've had a WaterCop valve on the job for years on my main shutoff.

Thinking through this, I have one header, so to speak, with unsoftened water feeding three hose bibs and the sink in the kitchen island. Two of those hose bibs have timers hanging off of "Y" adapters with individual water shut offs.

I can only imagine buying one of these valve, Judging from the way it looks, the Titan seems to be geared toward 3/4" pipe, which is the diameter of the header. Not so the hose bib feeders, I believe. Also, access to feeder shutoffs is tighter, and the Titan isn't cheap.

So, one scenario is the Titan alone controlling the timing for the two hose bibs with drip irrigation for the hanging baskets. To turn on the outside water for an infrequently used hose would require lining up the valves on a "Y" connector, and turning on the outside water, say through a ZEN34 in the garage. There'd also have to be a ZEN34 by the island faucets, but that faucet is also used fairly infrequently.

This first scenario would require "training", and, inevitably, complaining.

A second scenario would just involve turning it off at night and avoid complaining. (We turn the water off when we leave the house.)

I think I'll go with Scenario 1. :slight_smile:

I think I've heard good things about the Bulldog.
Do you have one?

I know others who are very satisfied with this valve controller.

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I got a good deal on my 2 Titans and I'm used to dealing with Zooz stuff, so that's pretty much why I went with those. But the Bulldog would be my next choice, no doubt.

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I have had a Dome for several years. Had the old multi-turn shutoff valve replaced by a quarter turn ball valve that is very stiff. The Dome has had no issues turning the valve on or off.

I prefer this design rather than a valve/actuator assembly. If the valve leaks, your local big box store might not have any repair parts for it, and the valves don’t look that robust compared to a ball valve at the big box store.

Unfortunately, I don't think anyone has seen Dome products in stock anywhere for a couple of years now, possibly longer, with some questioning whether they even exist anymore or not (though any reseller I've seen comment thinks they'll be back...).

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They do - at least on paper. FWIW, DomeHA employees I have corresponded to several years ago (2016-2018) are now employed elsewhere based on their LinkedIn profiles. switched hosting services to squarespace sometime last year. And renewed their domain registration at about the same time.

So maybe not dead, but definitely on life support.


I had a bulldog and I wasn't happy with it. Bent the mechanism on itself instead of closing the valve. Went with Sedna smart water valve and have been very happy with it. I used one on my hose bib valve as well which I open and close all the time and has been very reliable.

Good thing I have a spare.

The ‘buy now’ link on the Dome website redirects to Amazon, which states it is currently unavailable.

I have a Watercop. It is extremely well made and has a strong mechanical mechanism. However it needs to have their ball valve plumbed in as it is not an add-on. I installed it myself and handling it I feel the device is what I would consider (heavy duty).

Interesting enough, the ball valve is designed for continuous rotation (i.e. does not need to be reversed to shut off) . So if 0° is on then 90° is off and 180° is on again etc.


I've been pretty happy with my DOME...

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