Can anyone help guide me on why i am flooded

Trying to figure out what is going on. It seems a Z-wave storm has started and it happened after i added 4 new devices. All the devices that are flooding are Innovelli black series dimmers(5 of them) (and 2 black series on/off switches. I have had 3 of the dimmers working for the past month or so with no issues. The other day i added 2 more dimmers and the 2 on/off switches. I am on the current update and this is happening. I'm sure it's on my side of things. Just need a direction to go. have done a z wave repair after updating. Do i need to Exclude and re-include them all?

after z-wave re-pair all the legs/Hops are not showing up under the z-wave devices*

Thanks for any help!

See this with pairing failures. Can you give us a screenshot of your device list from zwave settings? Are there any devices with no info for the In Out: clusters? Besides the first one? The first is your hub radio.

Go into Devices and Disable those devices 1 x 1.
There’s a little β€œX” mark in top right of Device list page that reveals the check mark, disabling feature.


Those all look fine. You sure you're running .145? Can you try rebooting your hub through settings and see if they persist?

@lewis.heidrick yeah i actually just updated it today to that. I'll reboot real quick and see what happens.

After the reboot, if you're still seeing the messages, enable stats for a few minutes and see if anything sticks out. The run time is in milliseconds. Web apps are typically much slower so not necessarily an issue if those are your only outliers. Be sure to disable stats when you're done.


Use these along with the ID in stats to figure out which app is causing problems if any standout.

@lewis.heidrick i'm still newish to hubitat what am i looking for? when i type the numbers they open the app. I had 14 apps found but 9 of them gave me a 500 error. I'm only running 12 apps. Amazon echo skill, button controllers is installed but i haven't set anything up yet, ecobee integreation, groups and scences, hubconnect, hubitat dashboards(maker api), hubitat package manager, hubitat dashboard(hub original), Kasa Intergration, Lock Code Manager, Motion Lighting apps(nothing running under it yet), Simple Automation Rules. It gave me another storm even after reboot.

can you post your a screenshot of your hub stats page?


let it run for a few minutes and then post the stats page again.


here's the second screenshot. when going through the other links you gave me adding numbers, almost all of them gave me a 500 server error and when i am doing the devices i get a 404 error, "nullPointerException: cannot get property 'id' on null object.

There are only app id's listed there no devices. 4 and 36 are the only ones i'd take a look at.


It's not necessarily a problem if devices aren't listed there just means they haven't been triggered by something. If those are local rules they may have an issue, but if its something like hubconnect or a web based app then it's fine.

4 is the ecobee integration
36 is the hubitat package manager

Those should be fine. Go to settings and shutdown the hub and then pull the power for 2 minutes. Plug it back in and check the logs again.

go ahead and disable stats? then shutdown or should i leave them on?

Turn em off

You haven't made any driver changes or anything have you? Are these drivers for kitchen and dining room built-in drivers or community drivers?

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@lewis.heidrick They are Inovelli's drivers that they recommend for full function. They have been great until i added the other 4 inovelli devices.

Inovelli recently released several firmware updates. Let me see if I can find the link.

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