Can an Iris hub be used as a Zigbee repeater?

I am newly transitioning from Iris to Hubitat, I have a sensor not connected to the hub. Is it possible that an Iris hub be used as a Zigbee repeater? Thank you all in advance.

I'm pretty sure the answer is NO.

I don't know the ins and outs of the Iris software, but like the guess above, I'd also assume it's a "no." Pretty much any similar Zigbee "hub" like SmartThings, Wink, or Hubitat is designed to be used only as a Zigbee coordinator (more or less the technical term for the hub), not as a Zigbee router (technical term for a repeater).

There are lots of cheap options for Zigbee repeaters, though. The new Ikea Trådfri outlet ($10 USD) and USB Zigbee repeater ($12) are cheap, and at least one of them isn't too ugly. Othewise, any generation of SmartThings outlet, the Iris outlet (may of the previous two are just slightly rebranded Centralite devices), and the Zigbee (not Z-Wave) GE plugs will do the same, as will nearly any mains-powered Zigbee device (in-wall outlets, switches, etc.).

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Without access to reprogram the Zigbee module I'm afraid not. They're configured to act as Zigbee Coordinators and not Routers. The are two very different things. Who knows, when Arcus is released it may be possible to do that. I would not toss the hub just yet, just in case.

There have been some great suggestions already in this thread. If you need some controllable plugs, you can pick up the SmartThings outlets for about $30 right now. Those will act as repeaters (routers) for you.

The Securifi Outlet Plugin (Peanut Plug) can be picked up pretty cheap $11-15 depending on where you shop.

The IKEA USB repeater is a really cool product, I’d like to see more testing with HE.

I have only been able to find two and only one being made still but it’s expensive. Do you know of any in-wall Zigbee outlets currently out there?

there are zero of them currently, the only ones that I ever saw (I have 6 or them) are no longer available, made by enerwave...

Thanks Mike.

I did find this one, couldn’t find it for sale anywhere their site, but I didn’t look to hard either.

Smartenit Zigbee In-Wall Outlet

oh yeah, i forgot about those guys, unless I'm desperate if it's not on Amazon I usually won't buy it...

I’m with you for the most part. Mostly Amazon, NewEgg, MicroCenter (once a year cause I have control issues), EBay (on a full moon), and scout a few local stores every now and then.

I am going to get one of those Zigbee in-wall outlets... see how it goes.

Thank you all for your responses/suggestions. Greatly appreciated.

I'll be doing that this weekend. The wife says we are going to Ikea this weekend. LOL

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I haven't seen any of the USB repeaters in store at IKEA, only online.

I just got two of them from our store in Charlotte, NC. They looked to have roughly ~25-30 of them in stock. Now I'm trying to pair one of them to my HE without much success :frowning:

Well, update if you get them working. I just ordered 5 of them, thinking that I read in other threads they worked.

Ha! Just as you sent that, I got one of them to pair.



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