Can a tile press turn off multiple devices on Dashboard app

Would like to have Room tiles that can turn off all devices in a room and a tile that turns off all of the rooms.

Not exactly by itself.

What you would likely do is create a virtual switch or virtual button named for each room (Kitchen All Off, etc). Then using one of the rules engines (Basic Rule should work here) turn off the selected lights when the virtual switch or button is pressed.

If you use the virtual switch, select auto-off in the settings for that device so it is ready to be activated again. The advantage to using switch, by the way, is it can be reused in Alexa so you could use voice commands in addition to the dashboard.

You could then use another virtual switch or button and a new rule to turn off everything in the house by triggering the virtual switches.

Or instead of a virtual switch you can write a rule that turns off other devices based on whenever the device in your tile turns off.

Thanks. Did as you said. The tile starts with the switch in the off position so I need to turn this switch on first to turn it off. Any way I could have the switch start in the on position?

If you only want to use the tile to turn all lights off, I would suggest using a virtual button. Create your rule trigger when button is pressed. This method eliminates the need to turn a switch on so you can turn it off.

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Could Room Lighting be used for this purpose? Using the device that is created?

That would take even more logic. It is doable, but you could easily get into a logic loop. With starting with switch off, then using the auto-off setting for the switch, it self resets to the off position. So think of it as "dashboard on is turning the rule on" instead of comparing it to the physical position of the real light switches.

You might be able to edit the dashboard to flip the on/off, or edit the tile to reflect a better descriptor, but I am not the expert in CSS to make that happen. @sburke781 aren't you the CSS guy?

Wouldn't you run into the same issue? Once things are off, the activator switch would be off too. You would still need that flip to on to go off, or reset the activator with a second rule. Or am I spouting nonsense again??? :crazy_face:

It could be me.... I'd have to read the posts a little more carefully and test my theory to be sure....

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Just set the activator to follow "some on" and set the option for "activate even if partially activated" and "turn off even if partially off".

You'd setup an RL instance for each room and an RL instance with all the others nested in it. Setup the activator device and use those in the tiles.


couldn't you just use groups and scenes to accomplish this same thing? and have the button toggle the group?

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Hello, Good information.

of a rule.. i have a tile for clear alerts. that runs a rule that turns off many other devices/tiles