Can a single sensor impact Z-Wave network?

I have a single Zooz 4-1 sensor. It is pared at S0. I have a direct connection between the device and the Hubitat hub (100 kbps). Will that single device impact any of the other Z-wave devices? Should I consider changing to S2?

S2 is much preferred to S0. S0 can be three times chattier than S2.

If you have a choice I would pair with no security as having security with a sensor really is not a high priority for most of us, and pairing without security reduces the complexity and overhead.

And yes, a single sensor if it's too chatty sending a lot of reports for energy use or things like that, it can cause problems on your mesh.

Whatn generation of the 4-in-1 do you have? The second and possibly first generation support S0 max, so S2 is not an option. The recently released v3, the 700 series model, supports S2 and would have likely paired with either that or no security (not S0), so I suspect you don't have one and your potions are S0 or none, with none being difficult to obtain on the C-7.

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Unless it's a 700-series version, S2 won't be an option. IIRC, earlier versions of the 4-1 are cursed WRT HE because they can only join as S0. If you really like the 4-1 and you want to have S2 security (or "none" security) for it, I'd consider the latest version (700-series) as an updated replacement.

Yes it can. S0 with that device is chatty AF. It won't change to s2. Preferably you want ALL your devices set to no security except for door locks and garage door stuff. With the 500 series 4-in-1, you need a z-wave stick paired as a secondary controller to hubitat and have it come in through there with no security. Or if you want to, you can get the 700 series version and skip the security when prompted.

One S0 device can produce delays for other devices in the mesh. Avoiding S0 encryption is probably the best approach. Unfortunately, encryption for locks and garage doors cannot be avoided, so those devices must be included with S0. If S0 devices are present, try to avoid them in rules that mix other non encrypted devices. For example don't lock the doors and turn off lights in the same rule. Create two rules, one for the S0 device and one for the rest.


YES, absolutely.

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