Can a rule change a device's label?

I have a switch named "Kitchen AD" with a label "Kitchen". On a dashboard, the label "Kitchen" is displayed. From a rule, is there a way I can modify a device label? For example, on the dashboard I would like to see the switch label show the last ON time ( "Kitchen 2:27AM").

Unfortunately, as far as I know, there is no way to update a device name using Rule Machine. It could be a nice future functionality though…

Bummer, thank you

Im not sure it’s possible to dynamically change a device label like that.

But what you’re looking to do could be accomplished on a dashboard nonetheless.

Could do it in rule machine with a variable and variable connector device, I think.

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Humm, I thought when you clicked on a variable connector from a dashboard it allowed for an entry. I just want the light to go on/off and the label changed when I click it. I could place a text variable beside the switch, but the dashboard becomes very cluttered with that approach.

True, with some css magic, it could all appear on one tile. But that’s a lot of effort.

I think there’s several ways they could improve the dashboard tile labeling options.

I don't know about RM, but I was curious if you're trying to do something like I do in Webcore.

Some of my lights are smartbulbs, and some of them are switches. The Device names include the word "Switch", but when I ask Alexa what lights are on, this piston removes the word "Switch" from the device name (if it exists), which is nice to keep down the size of the potential list.