Can a Hubitat help when I lose internet Connection?

So, I have a Google Hub and Mini in my house. When i lose internet, and i ask Google to shut off Downstairs lights, And Google states trying to find an internet connection. I am wondering if I can use hubitat, to allow google to operate with only basic things like turning off lights, while not internet, Is this Possible.

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Google depends on the internet. The Hubitat hub can still control lights and stuff, but not using Google (or Alexa.)


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In these instances you could also consider having a tablet (android/ipad) or even your phone displaying a dashboard of your switches so you can still control them offline.


Yes, but you will not be able to use cloud dependent service like Gooogle home or Alexa while the internet is out. You would accomolish that using a dashboard. I highly reccomend Hubivue dahsboard, or the android only Hubitat Dashboard app.


Thanks so much for the insight, I will give it a try.

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Just bear in mind that you will need lights/switches that are controlled locally by Hubitat. Examples would be zigbee/z-wave devices, or specific WiFi devices like TP-Link KASA switches/outlets/bulbs or LiFX bulbs.

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you could use something like [Code Freeze] Web Pinger to ping a public IP address (, and when it is "Not Present" (aka fails to reach it) then you can determine your internet is out, then have a rule turn off your lights

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