Can a contact sensor be used instead of a motion detector?

Hi, all, I can't find this answered already.

Can a contact sensor be used as the only trigger for Motion Lighting? I'd like to have our garage lights come on for 5 minutes when I open the laundry door. No motion detector would be used in this scenario.

I set it up and the lights do, indeed, come on when the door is opened, they just never turn back off again. I've tried the same thing with two other doors in the house with the same results: lights on, but no off trigger seems to be sent. (I monitored the log.) The contact closures (Sonoff zigbee) and light switches (zwave) all function fine. I think I must be missing something on setting this up in the Motion Lighting app.

Any guidance for a n00b?



It would appear from your testing the answer to that question is no :slight_smile:

You could do this with a basic rule pretty easily...

Yes. Use Ernie Miller's Virtual Motion with switch in HPM... Then use your laundry door to to trip the virtual switch that it can create to trip the virtual motion sensor it creates to start your rule.



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Corrected, fumble fingers

This is something I use from the Hubitat example apps. Turns a contract sensor into a motion sensor.


That works too

The Simple Automation App can be used for this exact use case. I use one very similar to your situation but for my garage doors to trigger the garage lights and 3 minutes after the contact sensors have closed the lights turn off.

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THANK YOU, gentlemen, for giving me some options to pursue. I see there are several ways to skin this cat and I'm really grateful to each of you for your guidance. Wow--what a great community this is!

Best wishes, all.


I have that same use set up and working in motion lighting

Works fine for me

Thanks, @mark.cockcroft, that is really odd. Mine looks like a simplified version of yours and yet the lights do not turn off. I will have to implement one of the other suggestions. How odd this is.

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