Very effective motion and object tracking via tinyCam for HE. tinyCam also enables live video feeds to HE dashboards via the built-in webserver.

I don't understand why someone doesn't make a camera that sends its events via z-wave. Stream accessible by other means, obviously.

Samsung tried that. Over wifi not zwave . Streamed continually so they could get footage before motion. Tied up a 2.4 ghz wifi network if you had 5+ cameras running. Not a good idea.

Well that's why I said events, not stream. You know - if it sees movement that sort of thing. "motion detected" that's all. It's annoying I have to buy separate motion sensors when I have cameras with PIR detection

got ya.. thanks. there are cameras that you can get the motion activation to hubitat through node red or other means.. don't remember all of them.

Yep, this can be done. I’m doing this through Blue Iris.


I've just found this: [homekit version] aqara g2h zigbee 3.0 gateway + smart ip camera 140° 1080p app remote control two-way audio home security monitor Sale -|Shopping UK

Not sure it would work with hubitat tho, and doesn't look suitable for outdoors.

do you have news about this camera?

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