Cameras that work with ZWave

I'm looking for IP Cameras that will work with my ZWave net. The video isn't the issue, that's IP based. Are there cameras that will generate status like motion detection and/or light status and maybe even accept commands like move to preset location or take a picture or record a video clip?

Anybody with suggestions of even where to look?


I don't think Z-Wave has anything to do with it. I think what you want to find is a camera that can do the things you want based on a "simple" HTTP URL. If you can't find a camera that does what you want, you may be able to use a system (such as Blue Iris or iSpy) to manage the cameras and provide the interface to issue the commands you want.

I use iSpy and it supports several commands via HTTP which allows me to use Rule Machine to set various triggers. Just as a reference for what is possible, here is a link to the help page for iSpy listing the various HTTP strings you can send it and what they do.

Here is a snip of a rule I use to trigger a camera (managed by a local iSpy server) to take a snapshot when motion is detected on my carport.

What I have not seen is the ability to send back the other way - from the camera (or camera management system) to Hubitat for things like motion and light sensed by the camera.

I use a similar program for Linux called MotionEye. It runs perfectly on a Raspberry Pi and is totally free. It can report motion using the MakerAPI and respond to HTTP get commands to record video on demand. Supports all the standard network streaming protocols.

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@Ryan780 Would you be able to share more details and code example on how you set the WyzeCam+MotionEye+MakerAPI+HE Dashboard? I'm assuming WyzeCam stack firmware will not work and cam must be flashed with RSTP firmware.
I also noticed in other threads you have recommended using TinyCam Pro instead of MotionEye. Was wondering what is your latest recommendation.
Thank you for help.

That is one option.

This option works with the stock firmware but means you have to have an Android device on 24/7 on your home network. An old Android phone works.