Cameras In Dashboard

Hello all - First off I wanted to say I am new to the HE community (Coming over from ST). I managed to migrate over most of my devices from ST and now I am stuck on my IP cameras. I used ActionTiles with ST which had media tiles - where all I had to do is put in my camera links and all worked well.

So far from reading the forum here, I tried using the image tile and iFrame driver all to no luck. Once the camera link is inputed, the stream wont load. If I open the link in the browser, it works without issue. I am leaning that my issue lies in the link format. I have a few mjpg feeds and some snap picture feeds on my cheaper cameras.

The links format I am using is http://user:pass@ip:port/video1.mjpg - which works fine in browser. No luck in HE dashboard however.

If anyone can shed any insight on what I could be doing wrong it would be gladly appreciated. If the issue has been discussed previously please forgive me as I had not made it that far in the forums.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Set up a tile, don't pick a device, under template pick IMAGE, Leave Background Image Link empty, for the image url use the method in your message, and set refresh interval to 1. If that doesnt work, use the jpg only feed portion of your camera stream in the link format under image url

Hi thanks for the quick response.

Ive tried both options with no luck - not sure what it could be. Both the jpeg and mjpeg streams open and stream fine in any browser.

I am using http://user:pass@x.x.x.x:port/image/jpeg.cgi for the Jpeg stream and http://user:pass@x.x.x.x:port/video1.mjpg

Could there be any security policies / settings that need to be enabled for in HE settings to allow cameras?

nope.... From what I can see of your posts, you're not posting a stream ending in .jpg or .gif which may be the issue as the dashboard can only interpret those images without a converter. What brand/model is your camera?

My outdoor cams are Dlink - 7010L and I have a couple of cheap plug in cameras that are mounted throughout the house. Those stream fine in the dashboard with this link format http://IP:PORT/cgi-binCGIProxy.fcgi?usr=USER&pwd=PASS&cmd=snapPicture2

I tried using the same link format for the Dlink cams and cant get that to work in HE dashboard.

Issue fixed - it was a security policy on my browser I was using. Switched to Safari and all pulled up well and streaming. Rookie mistake on my end.

Thank you for the help - im sure it may help others if they run into the same issue.