Camera Recommendations

I've been trying to research for cameras that have good integrations with Hubitat. Does anyone have any good recommendations?

I'm currently using Arlo around the house, but feel like they're lacking with third-party integrations. I would like to find some cameras that have good facial recognition where I'm able to use the API to trigger events in Hubitat when particular users are recognized. I would like to have some way of storing the data offline, dropbox, google drive, etc. Any suggestions/recommendations are much appreciated!

I use TinyCam to link my powered Arlo (and other) cameras into Hubitat for motion and object detection and live video in dashboards. Since TinyCam supports most cameras you don't have to worry too much about what brand to use. It also provides local and Cloud recording options. You do have to run it on an always-on Android​ device such as a tablet device. I just use one of my tablet dashboard devices. Others are doing the same with Blue Iris on a PC in a similar way.

Hope it help.


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I use Blue Iris. It's amazing and the integration options are virtually endless.

I use sharptools as my dash. Can see thumbnail sized previews and clicks to fullscreen.

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