Calling TADO users : Any best practices?

I'm interested to hear from any TADO / Hubitat users out there about how you have integrated the two. I've got TADO connect installed - the question is more about how best to make use of HE temp sensors etc.

One thing I've found with TADO is that the radiator TRVs aren't very accurate at measuring the room temp - not a huge surprise when you put the sensor 2 inches from the heat source. If this wasnt the case, I'd probably be happy to rely solely on the TADO "smarts".

I've read about solutions that try to adjust the TADO temperature offset parameter dynamically - ie constantly adjusting the offset to correct the temperature measured by the TRV. I guess this leaves the TADO in control of the schedule but tries to make it more accurate.

But I've also seen that HE now has 2 (new?) built-in smart apps (thermostat controller & scheduler) which presumably could be used to make the TADO TRVs slaves to HE schedules.
So I'm just wondering how many people have had success using HE to control TADO - and exactly how youve set it up to solve the TRV accuracy issue.


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