Calling Echo Speaks rules from within Rule Machine rules

Hi all, I have some Echo Speaks rules to open/close my blinds -- Alexa controls my blinds and it's synced with a virtual button. I wanted to create a new, time-based rule that would open my blinds in the morning & close in the evening -- can I call out the Echo Speaks rules within the newly created Rule Machine rules? Or is there a more elegant way to handle it?

OK, I think I can achieve this by working only with Echo Speaks rules. A related question -- is it possible to set one Echo Speaks rule that would have two trigger conditions but linked not as AND but as OR? So do X if it's sunrise or if virtual button is on. Or would I need to create two separate rules, each with the different trigger?

Haven’t played with ES Actions a lot, but my understanding is that Triggers should be ORs, you would need a trigger with a Conditional to create an AND.

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