Calibrate Shaders

Hello. I have installed a Fibaro wave for controlling shaders, FG-222, no one of drivers worked on them, but if I used the Generic Shader driver it works perfect, but I don't know how to calibrate the shaders. When it's 100% open shows in the dashboard 88%. How can I solve this issue


It's a while since I used the Fibaro units for shades (or in my case curtains). I ditched the 222's (Roller Shutter 2) as they are Z Wave and not Z Wave plus - that meant when I used the manual switches for them, they would not update their position without being manually polled. The 223's (Roller Shutter 3) are Z Wave plus but I couldn't get them to calibrate successfully with my motors and had to replace them with the Qubino equivalent (Flush Shutter)

I think you have to carry out the calibration using the B button on the unit directly. Assuming your shade has stops, the calibration option should do a close - open - close to work out where 0 and 99 are.

I did it. I open closed open manually, but nothing happened. Even the status didn't change on dashboard

If you open, close, open manually that is not a calibration. If it's the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 module (FGR-222) there's a means to calibrate it using the button on the module itself and it's detailed in the instructions (option D):

"Even the status didn't change on the dashboard". As I mentioned, that device is Z Wave - not Z Wave Plus. If you open and close it manually the device will not send its position to the hub. After moving it manually you would need to do a 'refresh' on the device page or 'poll' it to update the status. That's the reason I ditched those units; I use automation, the dashboard and the wall switches and the Z Wave Plus versions ensure that the position is kept up to date.

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You need to install the built in poller app...

It's only for dimmers and switches, it doesn't appear the Generic Shader Driver