Calex Smart Bulb Compatibility

Tesco in the UK has started selling the Calex Smart Bulb (Zigbee) range, as recommended by Paul Hibbert on YouTube nonetheless. Does anyone know if it has an integration with Hubitat? Going to cry inside if they don't...

I tried searching for people who've had luck with these on Hubitat, SmartThings, Hue, or any third-party (not Calex) Zigbee system but didn't have much luck. However, given that they are Zigbee and that the manufacturer claims in their marketing material that they can work with other systems, my guess is that they'll work fine paired directly as Zigbee devices to Hubitat.

...or at least as well as most other Zigbee bulbs: many are known to be "bad" repeaters on ZHA networks like Hubitat and are recommended to be kept on their own network (or just not mixed with other devices like you might do on Hubitat: switches/dimmers, sensors, etc.), and some like Ikea's RGB(W?) line are technically fine but oddly implement some things, like their color model (XY only, not HS), so they don't play well with Hubitat--or at least didn't until the "Advanced" drivers in 2.2.5 (haven't tried to see how that works in the real world yet).

Also, since Paul Hibbert is recommending them, I almost have to think something is wrong, but maybe it's just that they're technically fine and the price (seems to be the most important criterion in his world?) is right? :smiley:

I can't guarantee anything either way, however, so these are just reasonable guesses based on what I can see...


Thanks! that was my first ever post and your reply made me chuckle (the PH point) and schooled me at the same time. Perfect combo :joy:

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