C8 Zigbee not able to pair on 3 C8's

Ok I have been trying most of the day trying to pair a sonoff SNZB-02 to 3 C8's. I have new device and old device .. it's never seen.
I have tried.
1)pair difference devices(2)
2)different hosts(3)
3)removing interference (shut all wi-fi all C8 but the one I'm trying to pair to)

Nothing is pairing. Of the 3 C8's I have only one uses Zigbee normally.
The C8 is servicing the devices already paired to it ok, it's just not able to pair a new device.

All I can think of as root cause is the C8 themselves(firmware) as how can all 3 not pair even with new devices(new batteries). I reset the devices ok each attempt.


Try downloading this driver through HPM and then try pairing again.
This driver works for me.

When i said old, this was a previously paired device.. battery failed..
So i load new driver .. still fails across 2 C8's. I also tried new sonoff motion sensor. This failed. I already have several of these paired. Everything points to C8 but I hope I am wrong.

Some obvious questions:

Are you sure you are resetting the device properly and it is in inclusion mode when you're pairing?

What mains powered devices (repeaters) do you have on your C8 Zigbee mesh?

Have you powered down your hub, removed power connection, and then plugged it in again (clears the radio).

Have you tried pairing very close to the C8, and farther away near a repeater?

Have you compared your C8's Zigbee channels to your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi channels to ensure they aren't sitting on top of each other...w/three C8's, if you have them all on at once that alone could cause Zigbee intereference issues if they aren't on different channels:


Short of time.. turned off my zigbee repeaters and(broke one of my rules) also reset holding button for 10 seconds instead of 5(it flashes 3 times after 5 seconds) and it rejoined. so it was different reset procedure or the repeaters causing the issues.

I am already using channel 20.
Tried joining short and long distance already.
Powered down everything many times already

Thanks all for assistance... i'm wiser now for the next zigbee device I have to add.

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Most probably it was the Zigbee repeaters (all of them!) being powered off that helped …