C8 Zigbee Logging legit?

Before I go and Setup one of my Xbee3's to see what's actually going on with my Zigbee signals. has anyone else noticed the zigbee signals reported in the zigbee log not seeming very realistic? Zigbee logging on the C8 shows terrible signal numbers for anything that's close to the hub. Get further away numbers get better. I have the C8 set to power level 8, if I put it on 16 the devices that are close get better signal but the further away devices get the crap signals. I'm just not sure that these signals are actually legit because if my c5 or C7 had numbers like this, things would be very slow or not work at all. All devices are working really fast and seem reliable so far. I did have a Hue outdoor sensor fall off, that's what actually got me paying attention to the signals but it hasn't fallen off again. I even went and took the antennas off the C8 and actually got better signal then with them on.

Those look about like the signals I'm seeing. My Hue Outdoor sensor wouldn't stay connected to the C-8. I finally gave up and repaired it with my C-5, where it's connecting directly with LQI = 255.

FWIW, the C-5 is exactly in the same place it's always been. The C-8 is about 9" to the west of it, and is actually closer to the Hue sensor. The two hubs have zigbee on separate channels (5 is on 20, 8 is on 15, Hue bridge is on 11, wifi router is on 11), and the C-5 has zwave off. The Hue sensor is outside about 25' away.

I'd love to know what your Xbee3 sees.

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My XBee is showing the same LQIs as the zigbee logging and childAndRouteInfo for the C8. My C7 and C3s LQIs never matched what the XBees reported.

So then I can assume the earlier models were faking the numbers and these are the real numbers? I mean I literally have Devices 4 feet away from the C8 and they have the worse signal at power level 8 and at power level 16 they have 255/ 30 and even lower. Repeaters 60 feet out have great numbers at power level 8 and crap numbers at power level 16 this thing is weird. My door locks have been rock solid now they're the one thing that seem to be suffering. depending on the power level I set the C8 to. I Might just have to send this back but the Zwave is performing great like my Zigbee use to.

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Interesting numbers. I have been playing with antennae and my ZB number are rarely as good as yours at 16. I get outliers at -7x and -8x without any operational issues. The real close ones are still late 40's - 60's.
Two story house reaching out to the garage and driveway, maybe 20M. I have quite a few Tuya repeaters at good intervals as well.
Edit: I do find it strange that line of sight devices 3-5M away all report -55 to -70.
My office motion is 2M from the full wave antenna -48, Main bath 3M -67, Doorbell 3M -67 yet my car in the driveway 20 M away through walls is -66
I did a Network Rebuild, which I have never tried before, and it seem to take -10 to -25 away from everything.

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