C8 Zigbee instability - possible attributes

Thought I'd leave my recent experiences regarding my zigbee devices, post C 8 migration, In trying to stabilize things (zigbee devices falling off network, or non responsive).

There are a few things that appear to have improved my stability (this maybe unique to my environment):
1- Stopped a nightly automated HE hub reboot process (Rebooter)
2- Stopped doing device "configure" in my webcore scripts (i thought this initially helped)
3-Stopped doing massive device "refreshes" on all my devices periodically - I thought this helped them stay "awake"
4-Loaded platform .125 - which appears the most stable thus far (fingers crossed)

So items 1-3 actually made things worse rather than to improve.

My setup is far from optimal but its certainly improved.

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Good points, and thanks for posting.

Sometimes the best thing to do is less (or nothing, at least for a while) and your results seem to support that. Advice we are given by HE staff and the gurus here fairly often. :slight_smile:

I do find poking at @Ken_Fraleigh off and on can be fun, but since he's neither Zigbee nor Z-Wave, it probably won't cause any harm. :wink:

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