C8 Zigbee Graph rebuilds from scratch each time you open it

Short version: C8 rebuilds the built-in zigbee graph from scratch each and every time you view it, while on C7 the graph starts from its last known state as expected.

Ever since I migrated from a C7 hub to a C8 hub I have noticed uxepexted behavior with the built in zigbee graph. With older firmware the graph would only show a few devices and then the hub would become slow and unresponisve and would need to be rebooted. With the lastest firmware ( it still only shows a few devices but now seems stable. If I wait some time the graph starts to build out, and if I wait a really long time it builds out completely. If I use the menu to navigate back to settings and view the graph again, it starts all over again.

On a side note, if my memory is not mistaken, the C7 dropped the Beta tag in its title, while on C8 it says the zigbee graph is Beta.

Same here with my C8.

When i updated to from the issue seems to be resolved. It is not a listed change so I assume just reloading any firmware may fix it to clear some caches or something.

Spoke too soon, back to the problem behavior.

On My C-8 I found the Graf is not very good :frowning:
Seems on my setup it never fully populates or most times just shows a few things.
But mine never shows routes and never shows all devices.
Weird part the Z-Wave one always works for me :confused:


I thought maybe the graph was building as zigbee messages were coming in from devices...but then I noticed it was showing several devices that I decommissioned over a year ago...and the super weird thing is that they were showing that they were actively connected to repeaters that I installed long after those devices were physically removed from the network. So I deleted those no longer present devices hoping it would clear things up. No such luck. Can say at this point I have no confidence that the graph is showing accurate information.