C8 vs C8 pro, differences?

It's not impossible the zwave / zigbee network itself could be blame but what Im saying is a bit different and based on my 25+ years of experience building large hardware systems. I've found code is always buggy. Debugging time is limited and throwing faster CPUs at almost any problem gives developers of larger systems more runway to work with. Also note, we don't get much in the terms event driven logs, or time series data in Hubitat design so we're both making personal experience judgment calls with limited data. I do believe faster CPUs are always a good thing for all product lines.


My C8 has been rock solid. I had issues at first due to a bad migration (partly impatience, partly now clearly communicated how the migration should have been done). Once I got that ironed out and my meshes rebuilt (which really needed to happen anyway) I have had Zero issues.


I lost track keeping with this thread so pardon my excuses.

So faster reboot time....on the Pro

Any other "noticeable" differences / improvements between the 2 models ?

I am on the fence getting the C8 Pro
I currently have C8

Thankyou in advance

Faster CPU, more memory. Former is noticable. Latter may be important, if you run a combination of stuff that likes to munch memory. Better to fix memory problems, but having a ton of it may be enough "fix" in some cases.

I'd say if you aren't having any significant issues and don't need/want a second hub to split up your devices, wait for the C9. Being on the bleeding edge is more fun, the C8-Pro is very nice, but just another version of the C8.


Thanks :blush:

C8-Pro shaves off around 50-100ms on motion-sensor based lighting turning on. That alone is worth it if you use a lot of motion sensor lighting.


Has anyone noticed any difference (improvement?) to how z-wave packets are handled on the C8 Pro when there's a lot going on (e.g., arriving home and turning 60-80 lights on at once)? I'm wondering if the faster CPU is able to handle interrupts from the z-wave radio any faster?

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I just don't see how it would make a difference. Z-wave is 100kbps. What you're dealing with is the Z-wave mesh being overload. The CPU on a C8 wouldn't break a sweat even if it were managing 100 Z-wave networks at the same time.


Yup. Sorry, it came across way more negative than I intended. FOMO is my own problem.


Hub Mesh still works. I also has a Wi-Fi 7 Mesh with a Hubitat on each router. I also added a wired 2.5 GB backplane between the two. I think I will want for a C-9 with 4GB and 4 GHz or WiFi 7 with multiconnect.

My C-7 is definitely slow, I added one now that Hub Mesh came along but I still can get but delays depending on the function/app being used. Eh, I think I might wait for C-9 Pro. I am not convinced it would help much. I actually have a third C-7 not in use. It was mistake by me. I accidentally ordered from 2 sources.

The C-8 supports the 800 chipset in hardware, so you may get the functions in a upgraded C-7 but it is not clear you would get LR like in a C-8. Apps should have less delays but I have not tested the Pro yet. I was able to get my Sana WiFI switch and dimmer working but using their app on my phone and then putting the IP addresses into the Hubitat app. I have WiFi 7 (Meshed) so whatever old tech the C-8 is using is useless to me.