C8 Upgrade Issues

Just upgraded to C8 from C7 and followed the limited instructions provided. All seems like it worked but (theres always a but), When I look at the network topology some devices are not shown in the routing table or not shown at all on the graph. At first they were all in a Star configuration but have since been shown with the device repeaters functioning but can turn them on /off. And some rules do not fire as they should so wondering if others have had the same issue and whats the fix if any.



Z-Wave route display is cleared on reboot (so for sure on a new hub!) and will take some time--and device activity--to re-appear. Zigbee shows only shows something like two hops away from the hub but only known "neighbors" and direct connections on initial load, with it changing after loading as traffic is observed. So, what you describe could be normal, aside from devices not working.

For those, I'd start with the usual troubleshooting. Leave the app out of the picture; do they work from the device detail page? Any errors in Logs? If Z-Wave, do you have lots of S0 or other "chatty" devices like power monitors?

Just curious, what do you find missing?

Kwikset door locks, Zooz zen73 switch, Aeon Repeater are a few.

That's good know, though I'm not sure which question it answers. :slight_smile: Have you tried any of the above?

How does your z-wave details page look?