C8 unresponsive after updating from to and (solved with update

Echo speaks, indeed. For the rest I try to use built-in drivers, mostly zigbee or zwave, and have a couple custom drivers. Also several LAN devices indeed, ESP32 and ESP8266 based, but they run on all 3 hubs I have, and only this hub crashes and gets locked with a green light although not reachable over ICMP.

As you know, the engineering logs are strictly platform level exceptions that are posted in the Logs (Past Logs) with additional details to allow users to take actions on any warnings and errors.

Very rare we may discover an exception that isn't posted in the engineering logs, that our engineers would immediately convert in actionable user logs.

If you are worried about your own custom code to cause problems, be sure to add plenty of debug logging in your code to capture the actions your code is executing, otherwise, the Logs (Past Logs) should be a great place to start screening for hyperactive devices and apps.


Yep, indeed, been adding a lot of try / catch lately. Unfortunatelly, since I studied software engineering and started working in the field, I can't find the free time I used to have to run through all possible scenarios. But I clearly have a lot of cleaning to do.

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Well, just had a power outage which affected my 4 hubs (C4, C5, C7, C8) and as usual, C8 just won't reboot and a soft reset is required. C8 gets corrupted with any power loss. This has been an issue since I acquired it.

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Is it possible that is because it is very busy and constantly writing to the DB? That would highly increase the chances of a corrupted DB with a power loss. Have you considered putting it on a UPS?

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I crashed the UPS LOL

I don’t know exactly what the solution was, but .225 has been working several days without hanging.


Virtual high-five! :raised_hand: (That's still cool, right?) :wink:

Now don't change anything, not even the pictures you have hanging on the walls. :slight_smile:

Hope things stay stable for you.

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