C8 to C8 migration

For a few months now i have been having a problem getting HomeKit to work with my C8. For whatever reason it appears it was not broadcasting the correct signal for HomeKit to find and include it. After Woking with @gopher.ny and @bobbyD for a few months I finally obtained a new C to see if the hub itself the problem was (even though they couldn't find any issue with it). Once I got the new up, I included 1 device and set up the HomeKit integration and was able to get the new hub to connect to HomeKit just fine.

Now that I have identified the old hub had the issue, and the new hub works as desired, what is the best way to proceed in moving everything off the old hub onto the new? My initial thought is to reset the hub, then do a cloud migration. Would that be the preferred process? or can someone suggest a better idea?

Yes, reset the radios on the new hub then do a soft reset. Take a cloud backup on old hub and power it off. When new hub reboots restore from a cloud backup and restore both zwave and zigbee.

Then you will want to give it the same IP as the old one, maybe need to reboot router / hub to get it to take. After that go through any LAN / IP integrations and make sure they are working properly. May need to re-authorize some services.

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Since I have a reservation for the old hub, would that be just changing the Mac address in the reservation to the MAC address for the new hub? Or am I oversimplifying it?

Yes that should work, may just need to reboot the router and hub for it to actually take it.

It may not matter much. I'm getting the very distinct impression I'm going to have to tear both of my meshes down and rebuild them.

Would it make sense to Set the reservation in the router after I shut dow the old hub and migrate to the new hub? or just go ahead and let the DHCP assign it one then change everything in the reservation once the migration is complete?

Either way is fine, might be smoother if you change it before the new one is restored though.