C8 - Test to Production

I am an old IT guy and my past 20+ years experience taught me never rush testing a new product. This migration feels different. Once I restored the C7 backup to the C8 and rebooted everything just worked. I had planned to keep my C7 intact for a while in case a major C8 issue forced me to start up the old hub. Today I am feeling very confident and think I'll reset my C7 and use it for unknown (atm). To accomplish this I understand that I must:

  • Shutdown my C8
  • Boot up the old C7
  • Turn off the Zwave and Zigbee
  • Do a soft reset
  • Reboot/Restart

At this point I can restart my C8 and use my C7 for things unknown. Did I miss anything?

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You need to RESET the Zigbee and Z-Wave radios. Also, make sure the Zigbee radios on the C7 and C8 are using different channels.


Reserving the right to complain about any minor issue you encounter, even if it is your fault... This is an important caveat to declare before any left-of-field activity (do I need to find a tongue-in-cheek emoji?...)


:roll_eyes: I assumed this goes without saying :joy:


As long as we have the legal eagles covered... :wink:

Probably not needed, just leave it up.
As long as you get in and reset the radios (and change the zigbee channel) on old hub within a reasonable amount of time no harm will be done.


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