C8; Strange behaviour with zigbee and dashboard

Very strange behavior with zigbee devices after migration to c8. Dashboard is in consistent in controlling switches. I.e. when device in dashboard pressed (turn on switch), nothing happens. Dashboard hangs. However device can be turned in through “devices”.

This is in consistent and happening on almost all my zigbee switches. So dashboard can’t consistently control device.

Similar behaviour with webcore. Doesn’t always control zigbee device.

Is anyone else experiencing this ?

What about accessing the dash via PC?

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Like @rlithgow1 indicated, there are some other variables that may be useful....

What HE platform version are you running?
What client device / OS are you using? E.g. Android tablet / phone, Windows PC in Chrome, Mac, etc.
What type of switch(es) are you referring to? What drivers? Etc

sorry what do you mean (pc) ?

The dash on my laptop or mobile function identically - meaning that they are not consistent in turning on switches.

PC=Personal Computer. Yeah I was trying to see if it was limited to the phone or global.

on the last version of the Hubitat firmware.

my Dashboard is access via my laptop - Macbook Pro, or my phone , I14 Pro Max

the switches are generic zigbee drivers - all worked solid on C7

Hmmm.. I didn't say those variables were indicators of a solution.... :slight_smile:

To @rlithgow1 's point...

Being a non-mac option.... which I am assuming is not an option... now that I ask for it...?

Pssst... a max is a pc too! :joy: