C8 Status Light Blinking Green and Red

I recently the firmware to latest version and a day or so after, the unit became unresponsive. The status LED is blinking green and red. Some of the automations work but not all of them. The button controllers seem to continue to be working. However, I cannot connect to the interface at all. Any thoughts on how I can get this back fully operational?
Thank you

Flashing red and green means you do not have a network connection. This is why you can't connect to the interface, but the fact that the hub platform itself is running would explain why Zigbee, Z-Wave, etc. automations continue to work.

How are you connected? If Wi-Fi, your hub should be broadcast a "MyNewHubitat" SSID that you can connect to (using that to set up your home Wi-Fi on the hub). If wired, make sure everything is in securely and that you're either plugged in directly to your router or that any switches, etc. in between are connected properly.

If nothing else, try a network reset and then, if needed (you really won't need to do anything if you were wired using DHCP, the default). Hold the round button on the bottom of the hub using a small, blunt object for 7 seconds or so until the hub reboots--see: Network Setup | Hubitat Documentation.


@bertabcd1234 thank you for the information. It was exactly that. I couldn't find any documentation on the meaning of the status LEDs. My C8 is hard wired and for some reason the network switch went dead. I could setup a WiFi connection but rather the hard wire connection. I wonder if I have both connections established, if the hard wire will take precedence over the WiFi and the WiFi will activate in the event the hard wire fails. Do you or anyone know? The Network Setup instructions seem to indicate that I can only have one connection type active. Thanks again

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No, both can be active simultaneously (at least on model C-8...I don't recall the behavior on C-5/C-7).


Thank you