C8 Problems

Hi all, I am an experienced HK-user with 50+ devices and in general, everything runs well.
As I wanted to expand the possibilities (and the type of devices that I can integrate) of my home automation, I decided to buy a Hubitat C8 hub.
I only connected very few devices for test reasons but unfortunately, I have multiple problems like hub is not responding at least once per week, geofencing is not working (but works well with HK) and is randomly me and my partner showing at home or not, and multiple times per week, the HomeKit integration is failing.

I have all updates installed hoping for improvement nu no change.

Am I the only one with these kind of problems? What could I do? Seriously considering to abandon Hubitat already and maybe trying Home Assistant.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Geofencing using the app does have its issues. For this reason, using more than one method is recommended. This is what I do by combining the iPhone Hubitat app’s geofencing with Geofency and IP Pinging. This works near flawlessly for me.

I have not had any issues with the hub not responding or disconnecting from HomeKit. I would suspect some sort of network issue. There are a few community members who are much more knowledgeable when it relates to networking than I am, so I’ll let them chime in.

Do you have any errors in your logs? If so, could you share a screenshot of those errors?

Can you access the diagnostics tool (port 8081) when the hub becomes unresponsive?

Do you, or have you ever, had Jumbo Frames enabled on your router or any client machines?


Unresponsive right now. Wouldn't know how to access port 8081. And I never installed that app.

Jumbo frames is not an app, it is a setting on the router/switch or client machines (server or NAS usually).

For the diagnostic tool you just add :8081 to the HUB for the URL to get to port 8081. Here are instructions:


No, I am not able to access the diagnostic tool when the hub is becoming unresponsive.

Usually that means some sort of networking issue is knocking it offline. What sort of router / network setup do you have?

I have Deco MS9 mesh WiFi network with 4 stations. C8 is physically connected to one of them.

What is the color of the light on the hub when it is not responsive?

Looks like that router system does not have any sort of MTU/Jumbo Frames options according to the people complaining about it on their forums. So you are good there.

Do you have a reserved IP set for the hub on the router side? Or did you set static IP on the hub itself? If neither, is it possible the hub is just getting a new IP? How do you normally find the hub and connect to it?

How do you know it is not responding? Do your connected devices stop working correctly or just that you cannot connect to the UI?

Yesterday I set a reserved IP for the hub on router side. Wait and see what is the result.
When it is unresponsive then devices are not responding and I cannot access hub.
Thanks for your help!

Unlikely but I'll throw this out there, just in case....

Is your ISPs router disabled/in bridge/modem mode? If not is it possible that you have two DHCP servers active on your network and the hub is accepting an IP from the ISPs router rather than the one reserved in your Deco? I only ask as I've known people just plug the deco into a LAN Port of their existing router without putting it in modem/bridge mode, potentially causing this (as well as double NAT issues)

Thanks for helping.
That's not it. But I saw that, although C8 is Ethernet connected, WiFi was also on. I disabled this.
Maybe that caused problems?

I think there has been some previous discussion on their forum around that. From memory the ethernet connection is supposed to disable WiFi but some have indicated it doesn't.

At least everything is working fine since I disabled WiFi nd I set a fix IP adres.