C8 Pro with Hub Mesh

The C8 Pro is out and i have FOMO. I already have 2 C8's and a C7..

C8 #1 has most of the zwave and zigbee devices + Webcore
C8 #2 has a few zigbee and zwave devices in the basement
C7 has a number of Hubduino devices

Webcore on C8 #1 uses Hubmesh to access all devices on C8 #2 and C7

Question : I have A LOT of webcore pistons. I was pondering putting Webcore on a new C8 Pro and hubmesh all the devices from the other 3 Hubs.

My concern is a potential negative performance impact on Webcore as any device reference will require access through the network.

any thoughts..??

Generally devices are not that chatty (or you may have other zwave or zigbee issues)

Of course most efficient would be devices and pistons together, the C8 pro looks to have a lot of power for that.

  • I can see the challenge would be merging devices, but looks like you already have most of them with webcore.

In your case I would suggest consolidation is best, but you may already be there with C8 #1 ie move it to the C8 pro.