C8 Pro + HomeKit with Aqara products

I currently have a bunch of stuff from different systems put together with homebridge and I'm looking for a way to prepare and organize altogether. I currently have them all together with Home Assistant, but for some reason it is requiring a lot of my time keep it working.

This is what i have so far, :slight_smile:

  • Some wifi lights (lifx + nanoleaf canvas)

  • Some zigbee lights (Ikea)

  • Some shelly wifi modules (dimmer and switch)

  • Some zigbee plugs (ikea + sonoff)

  • Some zigbee sensors (ikea + sonoff)

  • An Apple TV with Thread

  • Flic Buttons

This is what Iā€™m planning to get:

  • A doorbell (looking at the Aqara one for HomeKit secure video)

  • A couple of cameras (Iā€™m not sure about what, ideally with homeKit secure video)

  • A couple of presence sensors (looking at the Aqara FP2)

  • A door lock (looking at the Schlage one for Apple Homekey)

  • Cielo thermostats for a furnace, baseboard heaters and mini splits

So, my question:

  • Would the C8 Pro work for this? What else would I need to get? - For Aqara products, I should probably get an Aqara Hub, right? If so, is the M3 an overkill considering that I want the C8 pro to be the controlling hub? - How future proof (Matter/Thread) would a setup like this one be?

Thank you!

@artichoke I tried several different doorbells. I don't like aqara devices as they have a tendency to drop off the mesh. Anyway personally I settled on the Reolink doorbell. It's fast and it supported POE and rtsp. I bring all my cameras into hubitat using Camect (if you only have 1 or 2 cameras you can do it with blueiris for free)

Schlage is fine. Pair within 3 feet of the hub do to the whisper mode key encryption exchange.. You can just attach to hubitat then expose to homekit

I don't know the ceilo personally. I use Honeywell T6 pro z-wave units for my main HVAC (forced air) and my mini splits. Now for a standard oil furnace and baseboard heaters look at Sinope....


Most aqara stuff is zigbee and will pair with hubitat but the key apparently is to use a lot of mains based repeaters.

As long as you have homekit you will have thread. Hubitat supports matter and will control matter over thread devices. That said, right now matter is a crap shoot.

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LIFX is supported. I dont think there is a Nanoleaf Wifi integration that I have seen, but if yours support Matter that could be an option.

All the Zigbee stuff and shelly should work. Some non-standard Zigbee devices have quirks.

Found this on the Flic buttons: Adding a Flic bluetooth button via Maker API [tutorial]

If it connects to Wifi and is HK compatible, you wont be able to easily (if at all) get any info from it into HE. Same goes with any cameras. There is not much to get into the HE anyway, just motion alerts if you want to have lights come on or something. You might want to look into https://www.scrypted.app/, I have checked it out quite a bit but have not gotten around to setting it up yet. I just have a Ring doorbell and two Wyze cams.

Again, if it is Wifi and integrates directly to Apple HK then you possibly wont be able to connect it to HE very easily.

This would be cloud based and I don't think there is a direct integration. You might be able to bring them in by connecting it to the SmartThings cloud (possibly no hub needed) and using HubiThings [RELEASE] HubiThings Replica - #216 by steinauf


Nanoleaf wifi is directly supported natively in hubitat. Create a virtual device and then change to the nanoleaf driver (We have several nanoleaf products in the house)

Note: They can route thread but can't be a TBR


Nice, did not know that. For a new user I would suggest going through the Add Device > Find by Brand, and then you pick Bulb > Canvas and it gives you setup instructions. I assume when you click Install it will add the device with the driver selected for you. Makes a little easier for a new users to do it this way.