C8 pro ethernet port disconnected overnight

C8 pro died.. woke up to blinking red and green light.. docs say no ethernet.. light on port on switch is not lite up..

tried new ethernet cable.. still no go.. tried swapping ports on switch no go.. other device uses original port fine..

tried the network reset on bottom.. and it did go blue and reboot..

still no. go..

it appears the ethernet port on my device died.. how do i get the hub replaced under the warranty thanks..

also normal power no poe on my networks

configuration of network ip is via dhcp.


ethernet reset button worked second time.. wtf.. any ideas..

here is the point it died in the logs. nothing relavent.. now when i go into the network setting it is sohwing network speed 100 fixed. i believe it was auto negotiated before.. did the network reboot do that.. should i leave it or change it?

i asked in another thread because ipv6 is disabled on my net and switches.. but i noticed when i tried to run speed test it is using ipv6.. how do i turn that off in the hub if that is causing the issues

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Want to say v6 is required for Matter...

IPv6 Is not required for HE or matter. Matter devices will create their own link-local ipv6 network even if it is disabled on the router.

The network tools speed test using IPv6 is possibly just the default of whatever library they are using. They may need to set it up to explicitly use IPv4. Although at this point you really should have things setup so you can access the IPv6 internet, eventually web pages will transition to only being accessible over IPv6.


I have tried to learn about IPv6, but I still find it confusing. Even if my ISP changes my public IP to IPv6, couldn't my LAN still work on IPv4 behind the firewall/NAT in my router?

Yes, that can also work.

And, there is really nothing to figure out, you just turn it on on the router. Devices will still get IPv4 addresses so you dont need to change anything else.

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Not when you have pubic ips as well as private.

anyone look at engineering logs. and tell me what i can do to prevent this in the futue. as this house will be empty and i will not be around to push button?