C8 Migration Ready Backup

Just received my C8 Pro.

I do not have Hub Protect. Uploaded a migration backup, but I do not see it in cloud backups.

Will it show up only when I bootup check on the C8Pro?

Yes, you need to set up your new C8-Pro, register it to your account, and then on the C8-Pro you'll see the backup available.

You should check on the C8-Pro to ensure you are running, as that has important updates to enable migration...same on the C8, both should be on the most current release.

When you are ready to start setting up your C8-Pro, make sure you have disabled the Zibee and Z-Wave radios on the C8, then shut it down and unplug it.

See here for all the details:

Oops - updated above - current release is

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Yea I was following that guide but it does say to confirm you see the backup BEFORE powering down the old hub. And yea I should have mentioned in my post I am running I have never disabled the radios before but that makes sense. I did disable the cloud integrations as stated in the guide.

OK, I haven't re-read those instructions in a while...and I have hub protect so not as familiar w/non-Protect process. :slight_smile:

If you didn't see your migration backup under Cloud Backups, and Reload didn't make it appear, you should probably try the migration backup again on the C8.

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I have done it a couple times. I will shut it down and boot the Pro and check.

Makes sense...make sure you update the pro to if it needs it, and register the pro to your account so you can see your migration backup.

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I did get a green banner saying the upload was successful so should be ok.

Got pulled away to eat supper so I'll try later. Lol

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Priorities, man, priorities!! :wink:

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Yea my timing is horrible:)

I did see an old C7 migration backup on the list from last year.

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If I was doing the migration I would probably have already accidently selected that old backup on my C8-Pro, and then posted a dozen "WTF" messages here. :wink:

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Yea I often have a hair trigger mouse finger too LOL

Supper done, lets get back at it.

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By that you mean bologna sandwich in hand, I presume. :wink:

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LOL next best thing big bowl of pasta!

All good, Migration backup was there on the C8Pro.

Now to make sure everything connects back up! Fun times.

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