C8 Migration Feedback

Awesome job guys, earlier this evening I migrated my lighting C-7 hub to my new C-8, and it just works :slight_smile: . There are only a couple of minor things I thought worth mentioning, more so for future migrations such as these, and perhaps for onboarding new customers onto the platform.

Hub Name - It would be nice to be able to seamlessly transition the hub name from the old hub to the new, my new C-8 ended up with HELIGHTS01(new)

Hub IP - It may be worth mentioning earlier in the process the potential need to replace any HE Hub IP Reservation in a router with the new C-8, i.e. removing the old C-X reservation and replacing it with the new C-8, if that is the intended outcome.

Expected Automation Triggers - Another step that may be worth inclusion is to assess prior to the migration any automations that are likely to fire during the migration and come up with a plan for how to deal with each automation, whether it be manually triggering the automation or some other course of action. My example was turning on some outside lights at sunset.

Daylight - On the subject.... Another nice to have... it may be beneficial to some users if the migration is arranged (by them) to occur during Daylight hours, or based on some other criteria. This can avoid unnecessary darkness.... :slight_smile: Particularly useful during upgrade.

Video vs Documentation - The video (tutorial) seems to cover the basics of the migration, offering a good illustration of the overall ease of the migration. But the documentation was ultimately what I needed to refer to for the more complete set of steps. While I like the convenience of a video I can understand the additional effort involved in keeping that up-to-date with minor refinements over time. Perhaps a hybrid of documentation and then links to shorter videos capturing individual steps.

Just my 2c....


Making the Hub Mesh update process more obvious / seamless would also be nice...

Hey Simon, you lonely in here, lol. My feedback is similar to yours, would have been nice to change the hub name, I did have to reserve a new port in my router, and i had to update my dashboard links. Another thing that happened to me is all the ZWave data didn't seem to get pulled in. All my ZWave devices continued to work, but according to the topology map none of them can see each other. Before the migration on the C-7 I had a pretty good topology with quite a bit of blue, but when I migrated to the C-8 it was all red. Seems to be rebuilding itself though, but not there yet.

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That is on purpose so it will rebuild with the new better radio and antenna. Give it 3-5 days and it should be back to normal and better than ever.


Thanks Jeff, this is good information to know and makes perfect sense.

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