C8 Locked up, first time since originally installed back in March

Had been troubleshooting an app I'm trying to write. Went to save a change in the app code .... nothing.

  • Green light lit ( and no power interruption)
  • :8081 gets no response
  • Hub IP not showing in router
  • all other systems seem to work.
  • firmware is NOT beta, is the last version before beta.
  • Hub is a "vanilla" installation, wired
  • Only off hub abilities are Alexa and ecobee

Performed the universal reset (remove power). Hub is responding now

Logs: only entry is the hub starting after power cycle.

Any suggestions as to where there might be additional troubleshooting information?

I concerned as the hub has been super stable since the beginning (March this year).

Hard to tell. You monitoring memory levels?

No, I've never had a need to. I watch them for a while.



This seems like something more than an Apps code issue....? Still good it's the first time in 4-5 months...

Might be worth posting the App code....

FWIW if you are making many updates to app and/or driver code and logging a lot of data while developing I find my development hub slowing down over that time and often have to restart it. Granted my dev hub is an old C3 but still know the save process has to consume memory to compile the code. I also locked up my hub logging a huge string of data once too.

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