C8 hub that has not come back after Hurricane Beryl power outage

I have had this C8 hub for almost 6 months.It worked great until we lost power after the hurricane went through Houston. A very ungraceful shutdown.
Since then the hub will not come back on line. The Find my Hub command seems to find it, but doesn't connect. Both the Ubiquiti WifiMan app and the Net Analyzer app on my phone find the hub at it's normal address.
I have read several threads about similar issues in the past. I am concerned that the database may have been corrupted by the sudden shutdown.
Should add that the hub was on a small UPS that isolated it from the many blips that happened as the utility workers were trying to restore power around us.
Suggestions appreciated.

What color is the LED on the hub, and also:

Everything is on the same network. Same as always.
Was able to connect to the Diagnostic Tool and initiate a shutdown. The app is still attempting the shutdown several minutes later, swirly still going and can't connect to the Diagnostic Tool on a different browser tab. The hub LED is still blue.

What should I do now?

Unplug and wait 30 seconds then re-plug it.
If LED stays blue then go to diagnostic tool again, download your last couple of backups for safe keeping, then do a soft reset and restore from a backup.

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Unplugged the hub for a minute and powered it back up. The LED is blue.
Cannot connect to the Diagnostic Tool. Chrome says "This site can't be reached."
Can ping the hub with 14-75 ms response time. Ports 80 and 443 are open.

Not sure how long you waited but maybe diag tool is just not booted up yet. If LED is blue and you can reach the IP the diag tool should work.

Waited about 10 minutes, just after posting my response, the Diagnostic Tool stated. Will do the soft reset and restore from the last good backup.
Thanks for your quick responses.

I had a few power outages that corrupted my database and changed the static IP address.
Can you see on your router if the IP address has changed? If so use that with IP:8081 diagnostic tool.

Hub is up and running. Rules Machine set lights and shades to their appropriate states.
Thanks @jtp10181 for all your help.
I will be investing in a networked UPS so I can use NUT to shutdown in time to avoid this issue.
btw, we are very happy that we have power and AC. It was 95° today with high humidity after 8” of rain from Sunday morning thru Noon Monday.


You can also use telnet or web eith an.apc and 9631 card