C8 hub not accessible after update?

Hi - looking for help getting my C8 back up and running. Yesterday I initiated a firmware update from the hub, it seemed to be taking unusually long, so I let it sit all day. Late last night the hub became inaccessible via browser, including trying via :8080 or :8081 ports. I can ping the hub (although ping return times seems unusually high) and I can see the hub via my.hubitat.com but can't get into it no matter what I try and no automations are working. I'm only getting a blue light on the hub. Any other troubleshooting advice before I start a warranty return? I still have my C7 from before migrating to the C8 (haven't reset it) - is it possible to run that as a backup or would I have to add all the devices back to it before it can be used?

Try a network reset by pushing something small into the one round hole on the bottom of the case for 7+ seconds. The hub will reboot. Check your router to see what IP the hub picked up and try accessing again.


It's very easy to miss.

It's advisable to set a DHCP reservation on your router for the hub so the IP doesn't change.


Thanks. I do have a static IP assigned via the router and that didn't change. Something must have affected the network during the update, as I was able to ping the IP address (although long round trip times). All seems to be working again now.

Incidentally, I did plug my old C7 back in temporarily and it came right up and was able to run devices/automations - so it does seem like keeping that around as a backup might be good.

Well maybe I spoke too soon. After it came back up it had a warning for โ€˜Hub Load is Severeโ€™ so I followed some troubleshooting steps to check device and app loads. Then did a reboot and now itโ€™s back to blue light only and no network response (still reports to ping with high turnaround time). Have tried network reset button twice more but to no avail. Any other troubleshooting tips?

Can you access diagnostic tool? (port 8081)

Pull power for 30 seconds and then boot it up.

Looks like a soft reset and restore from a backup candidate.

Once the hub is back up and running, please PM me the hub id. I can check engineering logs, it might have some clues.


That was going to be my next suggestion if they could access the diagnostic tool :slight_smile:

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