C8 & GLEDOPTO light strip controllers


I had a GL-MC-001P RGB&CT light strip controller working fine on my C7, but I cannot get it work on the C8.

Re-pairing finds it, but I can't control it. If I remove the device entirely and pair, it's found and set up as Advanced Zigbee RGBW (as it was before), but I still can't control it.

  • endpointId: 0B
  • application: 01
  • manufacturer: GLEDOPTO
  • model: GL-MC-001P
  • softwareBuild: 10351203

Oddly, if I remove it again, and try to pair, it tells me it's seen it before - even though it was removed completely.

Very confused.

No help here but FWIW I have the exact same device/driver and moved to C8 and all is well :frowning:

Maybe try remove the device, reboot the hub and add the device again.

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Upgraded to the .113 release, but I still can’t get it to pair functionally. It goes through the motions, appears to pair, all the information is on the device page, but doesn’t respond to instructions (this is both after removing completely, and not).

I’m waiting until I have time tomorrow to turn my C7 back on and try and pair against that.

I had the same problem after pairing it back to my C5 from C8. Take a look in the Zigbee logs and see if you see traffic when you turn it on and off. I just unplugged until green light goes out and plug it back in. It's been working fine ever since. just curious did you actually factory reset it. I forget the process. I've done so many Zigbee devices today my mind is numb. I think it's unplug it 5 times.

Yes, it’s five times. I’ve been resetting and re-pairing on and off all week, in the hope that it will catch one time. Everything looks OK from the device page, but from memory I don’t remember seeing traffic in the Zigbee logs when I try to control it.

If it won’t pair to my C7 then I’ll have to assume it’s gone bad. I’ll find out tomorrow. I can’t start making changes until I have the time to start running around the house re~pairing everything, as I did last weekend.

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I did notice that this device was the worse performing on my Zigbee mesh signal wise. Still is now that it's back on the C5. I didn't even know that it pings the network like every minute. I have 2 of these and some other model and they all do the same thing. They seem to perform well though.

Even with the signal strength turned down to 8, I still couldn't get it to pair.

So I got my C7 running on a different channel and Pan ID. Paired three Ikea sockets to the C7 without issue, shared via mesh back to the C8. Tried pairing the light stripe controller - it sees it, goes through the motions, all the details are on the device page, but I still cannot control it.

I've ordered a like for like replacement as they're relatively cheap, see if that works.

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Replacement arrived, not the same make, this one is Gidealed, but also for 6 pin strips so I didn’t have to redo the strip. Paired as “Device”, selected Generic ZigBee RGBW Light, saved and hit Configure.

It works, and to be honest a lot better than the GLEDOPTO device. Selecting red gives red and not warm white.

  • endpointId: 01
  • application: 41
  • inClusters: 0003,0004,0005,0006,1000,0008,0300,EF00,0000
  • manufacturer: _TZ3210_eejm8dcr
  • model: TS0505B
  • outClusters: 0019,000A
  • softwareBuild:
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