C8 Driver issue - Aeotec Nano Shutter

I’ve had this issue a few times now since upgrading to the C8 from a C7 - basically my rule will send a close command to my 3 shutters and the driver will get stuck saying “closing” but the shutters all stay open.

The only way to resolve the issue is to physically hit the hard wired open / close button. after that, the driver behaves again for a while (I can’t give a failure time frame as I haven’t found a pattern).

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Sounds like the device isn’t receiving the command, what does the zwave details screen show for it?

I have 3 of them, they all do the same thing at the same time, hence my suggestion that the driver + c8 is the issue.

Zwave details screen for the 3 devices is normal when it happens.

They all have plenty of neighbours and connect at full speed.

Yeah, there's something going on but it doesn't appear to be the mesh.

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My thoughts exactly.

Btw, the last couple of times this happened where on. 2.3.6.x - I’ve now upgraded to 2.3.7.x.

@bcopeland @bobbyD gents, I realise I raised this issue during the holidays, so just bumping it.

PS, I hope you guys had a nice holiday season.

Could you turn on debug logging in the devices and try again?…

Sure, but doesn’t it turn off automatically after 30 mins?

So I haven’t had this issue since upgrading to - however, I still can’t open and close the shutters with Apple home. They show the correct status, but that’s it.

WAF is currently sub zero as a result. :weary:

Out of frustration, i added my shutters to Alexa, and she can’t open or close my shutters either.

@bcopeland @bobbyD @support_team can you guys please fix this driver? The WAF right now is sub zero. :weary:

I think I got one of those sitting around, will check.

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Thank you, this is a real PITA for me ATM.