C8 basic rule bug?

So I don't have enough to do, I'm venturing out with a shiny new C8 hub with 3 devices. Went to create a basic rule and when I click done, the rule disappears, nothing is saved. I've repeated the sequence 4 times to make sure. Once on my Android and 3 times on my desktop.
C8 hub V2.3.6.146, ethernet connected with 3 Zigbee devices
Here's the rule:

I swear I'm not crazy, now it showed up 5 times

Is it possible you didn't have the Basic Rule parent app "expanded" (disclosure triangle to the left of the app name) like you do now in that screenshot?

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I couldn't expand it , there was no ">" present. I went out to pickup my daughter and came back and it was there 5 times