C8 back to C7

I’m wondering if there’s a way to revert everything back to my c7.

Sadly the (my) C8 has been highly unreliable in the past 2 months where it simply fails to work (dies, with green light still on).
No connection, zigbee and zwave not working.

I swapped 4 power supplies making sure they are all capable to handle more than what the hub would require but that didn’t help.

So, can i restore everything from the C8 back to my old but never failed in it’s life c7 ?

Tell us more about the C-7 and the changes made on the C-8 since migration, please.

Your C-7 should have been turned Off and would therefore have ALL the config it had at that moment. It was the controller for all your ZWave and all your Zigbee at that moment. Simply turning off the C-8 and powering on the C-7 would have, after a few moments, gotten you working as before.

However, if you reset the C-7, you will need to start over.
If you added/removed devices to the C-8 that weren't on the C-7 then you'll have some fixing up to do.

That's why I'm asking for more details of how you left the C-7 and changes made on the C-8 to give you more specific advise.

Once the C8 was deployed and migration from C7 completed, the C7 was reset and it took over a couple of resource intensive apps. It’s part of the mesh right now with some iris devices on.

Some apps were developed on the C8 post migration.

I was hoping that I could take the C8 backup and restore maybe the apps only? The prospect of re-learning 130 devices is really REALLY not attracting :slight_smile:

I don’t understand why the c8 is failing though. It’s just freezing and the green light is still on however no connection via direct IP, radios are not working and any automation too obviously …
After a manual reboot sometimes it comes back with an early firmware version too …

You can take the C-8's local backup and restore that to the C-7 but there's no free backwards migration. Someone who knows more about Hub Protect's cloud backups would need to give more specific advice. The C-7's ZRadios are not writable in the same way the C-8's are.

Because you have two working hubs with Hub Mesh, you might want to consider moving half your devices to the C-7. That would give you 65 devices per hub and clearly half the load is going to be some benefit. :slight_smile: That puts a big dent in:

On the other hand:

That's a classic sign that the hub has corrupted images. Have you done a Restore of a recent backup to clean up your DB? Have you put in a Support Ticket so that your hub's engineering logs can be inspected?

I’ll try that next. I put in a warranty claim though and for now i’m leaving it like this hopefully the engineering logs show something on why it freezes.

I did have a support ticket for the firmware issue and beta access to the hub which seemed to drop on/off. But that didn’t show anything as apparently the hub was not part of beta for some reason. A lil tangled …

Splitting the devices while it is an option is not desired. It creates another possible point of failure.

You don’t want to be me when wife’s asking about stuff not working :blush:

I have 4 hubs to make up my total system along with a fist full of 'enhancements': Node-Red, HomeBridge, etc.


It does make for more points of failure but each failure is smaller than the total. In your example, if there is a fail, your entire house is dead. In my case, a failure breaks a fraction of the home. I had a GCFI pop on Friday and that power fail took out one of the hubs. I didn't notice til mid-Saturday because all the rest of the house works fine. I pushed the button on the GCFI outlet and it all came back with no additional work on my part.


I’m going to establish a heart-beat check.

I have the hub on a networked PDU that i’ll cycle if the hub is dead.

I absolutely agree and embrace load ballancing in ANY scenario, except when the wife is involved. She needs simple instructions, not elaborate descriptions on what to reset :blush:
Besides the whole rack/network stuff is in the crawlspace …

I’ll even give her an Amazon dash button for “manual” power cycling if health check fails for some reason …

Do you have jumbo frames enabled anywhere on the network?

I see that your C8 is enrolled in the beta. There is no need to run older updates. The beta specifically has enhancements to better handle C8 disconnects. If you are running beta and these issues persist, please share that feedback in the Beta channel so we can further investigate. You may be dealing with a hardware malfunction, as C8 experience should be superior to that of C7.

I did. https://community.hubitat.com/t/beta-version-hub-stuck-on-2-3-5-152-c8/124297?u=ramset

That was a few days ago.
However i didn’t give it too much thought about the hub just hanging until it stated becoming more acute like it did ever since i opened that topic. It froze 3 times ever since.

If it’s a hardware issue i hope it can be addressed via the warranty/hub protect

I see that @gopher.ny has asked for your hub id to check out your logs. You may want to add me to that private message so I can swiftly start a replacement case if that's required.

No Jumbo Frames configured.

MTU default 1500

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