C8 and Z-Wave Long Range

Does the C8 support Z-Wave long range, assuming you can actually find a device that supports it?
I know the 800 series chip supports Z-Wave long range, but does Hubitat C8 also support Z-Wave long range? Meaning, does the software side of the C8 also need to support Z-Wave long range, or is it all handled in the 800 series chip?

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@bcopeland has indicated that in their testing labs, the C-8 works with the 5 LR devices currently available.

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In "direct" mode???

I wish I could answer that; perhaps @bcopeland can.


**In terms of feet or metres, how long is "long range"? That is, what can be the maximum distance a compatible device be placed from the new C8? And will the signal be able to pass through walls and floors?

Overall about a mile and a half. Realistically, with walls involved, from what I've read maybe 1/2 that.

Thanks for that! :blush:

Great...so someone in another neighborhood will put their hub in LR exclude mode, I'll go to switch on one of my lights, and it will get excluded.

This is going to be fun... :wink: Or should that be :scream:?


Not at this time.

I mean if you turn on your light switch and it's in pairing/exclude mode you have other issues... Just sayin

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Don't spoil my fun! :rofl:

Obviously there is a chicken and the egg scenario with a long range 800 hub and long range 800 devices, but Hubitat has an 800 series chip and Inovelli is about to start delivering their 800 series switch so there will now be an 800 series switch for Hubitat to control. Given that, can Hubitat give us any ETA when we’ll see 800 long range working?

The 700 also had z-wave LR that could be activated with a firmware update. Zooz also has a LR product coming out I believe (can't remember what it is at the moment). At this point though they still have a few fish to fry before they get to the LR stuff.

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I have 5 of the Inovelli Fan + Lights that have 700 chips. Do you know if long range is implemented in either those switches and/or the Hubitat C-7 or C-8?

It should be able to implanted via firmware via the device manufacturer. (there may be some other physical changes needed but I'm not sure) It's a matter of the manufacturer doing it. As to the c7 I don't know if they will enable it for that. The c8 LR will be forthcoming but as I said, they have some other fish to fry first..

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The newish ZEN54 (and also ZEN53) have LR support: ZEN54 0-10V Dimmer Specs - Zooz Support Center

The ZEN51 and ZEN52 quietly got a firmware update to add LR support: ZEN51 Dry Contact Relay Change Log - Zooz Support Center

The brand new ZEN55 smoke/co signal detector has LR support as well.

Just need the hub to support it and I can take one of these connected to an inverter and drive down the block to see how far it will work :rofl:. Not totally joking, I will probably do this.


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I was always under the impression that since one of the touted advantages of the 700 series was long range, that it would just automatically be there. (Which is why I’ve been dismayed as to why my Inovelli fans + lights never directly connected, despite having 700 chips). So am I correct now that neither Inovelli nor the C-7 ever implemented long range? Or is there a setting for it in the C-7 I just never turned on?


  • C-7 may/may not support it in the future. I think it was intended to originally, but until it does/is released I will keep it in the may/may not category.
  • I've never seen any announcement or indication that Inovelli 700 series devices will get a LR firmware update. Their new 800 series 2in1 will support LR though (according to Inovelli).
    • The limited memory on the 700 series chips makes it a lot harder to support LR than most expected. A program that will fit in memory on non-LR won't necessarily fit when complied with LR support. I know even on my prototype devices I would run out of program space very quickly on the 7.17.x SDK. I think SiLabs made some space improvements after 7.17.x, but I've never circled back to try it again.
    • The 800 series chips added more memory to help with this.

Does this stuff need more juice (battery)?