C8 and Konnected

Please excuse my ignorance... but my Konnected products have been a little problematic in the past.

Are my Konnected and Konnected Service Manger apps and associated Drivers considered problematic in a C7 to C8 Migration?

Do they need to be disabled them prior to my C7 to C8 migration?

After you do the migration, shut down the c7 and then change the ip of the c8 to the one that was on the c7. This will cover any lan devices you have as well.

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Not only Konnected devices in particular, but any custom LAN/cloud devices could become problematic after migrating from an old hub to C-8.

This is the main reason the first step in the Migration document highlights the need to disable any cloud and LAN integration apps and drivers. For more details on performing the Migration please check out this document:

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