C7 - Zwave radio stops working for commands every few days

A newer C7 hub that has been acting weird. It started out that every week - 10 days, the interface would not be accessible via web or diagnostic interface and the hub stopped working. A hard power pull was necessary to get it going again. It would work fine for that week or 10 days, then rinse and repeat. Then something new started happening.. the zwave radio would apparently just stop working for commands.. The zigbee side is fine and the hub is responsive and in fact, the status updates on the device page (zwave).. just wont take a digital command so nothing works... rules run and what not, just no action. I also see nothing in the logs wither.. It takes a shutdown and remove power to get going again.. a reboot doesn't cut it. It then runs fine for a day or two and then rinse and repeat. I thought I would check here first before emailing support to see if anyone experienced something similar. I thought I read somewhere were there was an issue with the 700 series and a firmware update was coming out via the sdk.. but now I cant find it.


Can you post a screen shot of your Zwave Details Screen(s)?

See: Zwave get updated 7.17.1 - #74 by dman2306

Hopefully the size isnt too big. I ran a repair and found several failed nodes.. nut they all work just fine. I also found 5 or 6 ghosts..


Reading the other thread on the new update thats in the works.. sounds like a lot of my issues.. I have ran a few repairs and think the network is solid.. it stays up now longer than a day.. It will go down for a few minutes then pop back on.. hopefully my issues are addressed in the new update.