C7 zwave - I lose the radio every 2-3 days. Hard Shutdown brings it back

Yesterday it was 2x in 12 hours.

Hub UI stays up and responsive. Non-zwave devices are responsive. Can only get zwave devices to respond after a hard shutdown/cycle.

My thermostat is zwave. I live in FL. It's August... so in my house this is a Sev1 issue :joy:

What's going on with my hub?

@bobbyD - for visibility. Let me know if there's a more formal case submission process as I have hub protect.

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Can you send me a PM with your hub id?


PM sent!

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You are in good hands. Bryan is our Z-Wave engineer :wink:


@bcopeland Just happened again. 3 times in 24 hours. Hard reset brought it back.

Is there something you want me to look out for next time? or something else I can provide to you?